Saturday, April 28, 2012

LaLaLoopsy Birthday Spa Party

Today was birthday central here at Casa Sheffer.  We had a party at 2 for my little girls Ainsley turned 5 on April 19, and Sami will turn 4 on May 2.  We added Hadley in to it to, because she wanted a LaLaLoopsy cake...and I live to please so we did all three a small neighborhood party and then later in the day we had 14 girls for a sleepover and "Because I am a Girl" spa party.

Here's our cake table.  I used my daughter's LaLaLoopsy mini dolls to decorate.

I am on a somewhat strained budget, and I wanted to try decorating...its been a while since I have decorated a cake and obviously I need to work on it lol.  It was a lot of fun though.  My daughter's opened a few presents.

Ainsley 5, Hadley 10 and Sami 4

The girls really liked their cake and party. Sami was a little bit of a fashion disaster. She was deadset she was wearing her cowboy boots with her heart outfit....Mom was not having it!  She loves her cowboy boots, which would be okay but they are actually Ainsley' they are two sizes too big, its like she's wearing clown shoes.

But after I recovered from that party I then had the Spa party.  I hung lights on our back patio, hung a good will mirror, I painted white on the fence, and drug Hadleys school desk we had upcycled from GoodWill, and a shelf we upcycled from GoodWill, out for the different make-over and manicure stations.  I put a pink tablecloth over our Little Tykes picnic table and set out a veggie tray, cookies, a fruit basket and glass champagne glasses for our Sprites.  I used two old toddler mattresses on the ground covered in a teal comforter for people to lounge on.

I made chocolate facials from coco and yogurt....and of course we had sliced cucumbers.  Then they went MANICURE crazy for about 2 hours.  We of course had to order pizzas, and a few girls went home but I ended up with 6 girls spending the night plus my own 3....

Brent is about girled out lol. They have chased him around the house, locked him out and threatened him with the chocolate facial mix....he says he wants to trade them all in for boys :)

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