Thursday, April 19, 2012

40 things to do before I turn...gulp....40

Not sure why I was thinking about this today...but I was.  Was feeling a little down, dealing with personal and financial struggles and got a little whiney.  Yes I am an actual blogging person who doesn't live in perfect world with a perfect husband, perfect children, and the ability to create masterpieces out of duct tape and cat littler liners.

Camping? Sleeping on the GROUND?  Have you lost it?!?

So after some is the beginning of my list...I'm still working on it.

1.  Write something every's an easy one because I'm counting a loony Faceback status as "writing" for my needs I'll stretch the definition.

2.  Continue attempting to live a healthier lifestyle.

3.  Be nicer to my husband...yeah sometimes I'm bitchy for the sake of being bitchy...I need to work on it.

4.  Learn to accept that some members of my family are just never going to like me.  So they can bite me.

5.  Finish my book...yeah its half finished, for some reason I'm not able to concentrate the past couple years.

6.  Go camping with the entire family..for no other reason than I want to mock Ainsley when she's older for her many bug freakouts.

....there's six so please feel free to suggest some....its an ongoing list lol.

Okay so today I'm adding some more

7.  Meet someone who has met Bill Clinton...going with the whole 6 Degrees of Separation thing...I love that man.

8.  Go to an actual Ballet with my daughters

9.  Learn to Tap Dance.....yeah I know its dorky and Ill look like Miss Piggy in tap shoes but I wanna learn!

10.  Loose 75 lbs....we'll see how that one goes. HA HA

11.  Learn to hide my feelings better...most of the time if I wanna suffocate you with a pillow while your will know it.

12.  Learn to be happy with myself.

13.  Learn to accept my family for what it extended family.

14.  Make more friends.

Okay enough for tonight :)  *April 23, 2012

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