Friday, June 8, 2012

Back on track

Love Coupons By Godek, Gregory J. P.Its been a while since I've posted.  Its been insane around here, we've had a dance competition or two, a dance recital, we started softball season, schools out.....its been nuts.  Thankfully the summer is starting to settle down and maybe I will have a little bit of time to hopes.

I have started doing something new.  I am becoming a couponer.  I just started.  I started with the basics learning from The Krazy Koupon Lady at  Its an awesome site.  Got my binder started and now I'm working on building a stockpile at home.

I have also decided I now love CVS lol.  I went this past week and hit the whole ECB and coupons together scenarios and made out pretty good.

I got this for $40, used $9 in extra care bucks at the time, and about $7 in coupons, and have $10 in ECB for my next trip, added it  up and by CVS prices, which I think are a little high in some cases, it was $90 worth of merchandise.  I also have a rebate coming for $10 too, so that means it cost when all is said and done around $20.

tomorrow I begin unearthing my sewing table...and cleaning my bedroom.  Its looks like Vikings moved in.

Have a great weekend!

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