Friday, April 13, 2012

My daughters have 3 bithdays in what amounts to two weeks.  Hadley turns 10 on April 16, Ainsley turns 5 on April 19, and Sami turns 4 on May 2.  So normally I start planning birthdays almost as soon as the tree is put in January.  This year not so much.  I havent done anything, planned anything, nada.  So what am I going to do you ask?  Well, I'm going to get my butt in gear lol. 

After 2 weeks of waffling back and forth I finally decided against that evil place with all the games and tokens and children running beserk...I want to leave the party and not need anti-psychotic medication thank you very much.  And no pool party because I have no desire to get in a bathing suit in front of my daughters friends and parents...I don't want them to need anti-psychotic drugs when they leave either :) 

So....considering we are poor people and its three girls birthdays I've decided on an afternoon party at the shelter house in our apartment complex, its open and has picnic tables. They will share the afternoon party, with family and friends, a couple of games, a LaLaLoopsy cake made by mom :)  And then the majority will go home....then the real party's going to begin.  No, not Beckee with a couple of Chipendales, one of whom is a Russell Crowe look alike from Gladiator, a big bottle of  Mosato wine, and a cupcake....I've put no thought into my ideal party you see.....but the Spa Birthday Party.  Hadley is inviting her classmates and a couple of neighbors to our house for a sleepover/spa night.  I'm amazed at some of the ideas we have found online, via my love Pinterest, and fellow ultra talented bloggers.  I cant wait for it to take place and take pics.  SOOOO MUCH FUN!!

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