Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've had a very aggravating day. One of those hair pulling screeching at the top of my lungs kind of days.  For one, my daughters are in way too many activities.  But I honestly don't know where to draw the I won't. :)  Softball season is supposed to be starting soon.  My 9 year old  has been in softball since she was 3.  And the last year we didn't have a good year.  I felt like it was a wast of time, Hadley went to every practice and every game she could and I don't think he ever spoke to her but 3 times the entire season.  On third grade pitch night he never even gave her a chance to pitch, it was only the kids whose parents were able to spend the big bucks on private pitching lessons that ever got to pitch. So by the end of the season I was pretty much sick of it entirely.  But again this year I signed her up, and I signed my daughter Ainsley up, she is about to turn 5 so she will be in t-ball. 

So we sign up and we wait...they do the draft....and we wait....and eventually thanks to the glory of Facebook I start seeing where this person's been called, and this person's started I start to ask around to find out who our coach is.  I called the person who took the registrations, and she didn't get back with me, so I called her at work...that may have been intrusive but imo this is a pretty small town  yet, so whats the big deal? It turns out she is probably her coach.  And it wasn't a pleasant conversation, the woman was kinda snotty and rude.  So fact is I'm not looking forward to sofball for Hadley. 

But Ainsley had her first practice.  She looked so cute out there, with her little bat and glove.  I cant wait to see her play.  I'll post pics next week.  And hopefully at some point Hadley's coach will call and we'll have practice...hopefully before the season opener.

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