Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Laundry Olympics--I'm going for the Gold

So today I worked on the laundry.  I have sworn I am getting it under control before I die under the piles of clothing like a really sad episode of Hoarders.  It's not that I do not like clean clothing, I really do, its the putting away of the clothing...that is where I find my weak spot.  So I after several days of searching online, have decided we are putting a system in place. 

1.  There will be a laundry container in every bedroom
2.  There will be a laundry container downstairs near the bathroom...some days 5 outfits are piled in the floor.
3.  Every person gets a basket that is all theirs..out of dryer into Brent, Sami, Ainsley, Hadley, or Beckee's basket.
4.  I will not have a laundry day.  As a basket gets full, it gets washed.  I tried the whole "Tuesday is laundry day idea" I found on some blogs--horrible idea with a family of 5, one of whom (Ainsley) believes she must change clothing 4 times a day to be her complete Princessness.  Yes I am rolling my eyes, but you'd just have to know Ainsley.  High Maintenance doesn't do her justice.

I am hoping this will enable me to work without feeling overwhelmed.  To get the job done, and not feel like a failure, and to keep the upstairs bathroom--which doesn't get used much--from being a scary scary place.  Here comes the confession:  When the laundry gets more than the very small hallway upstairs can handle...I put the dirty laundry in the bathroom...then it overflows into the bathtub...and then it starts to go toward the ceiling..okay now that only happened when the washing machine was broken, but you see my point?

I am currently getting the "back log" of laundry done..we won't talk about how I found a Christmas Sweater at the bottom...and it was the week of St. Patrick's day...if asked I'm swearing it "found its way" out of the closet and into the laundry, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

The weather here in Southern Indiana has been beautiful this week, as Hadley has been on spring break, but Ainsley and Sami, who are enrolled in Head Start had school all week is their spring break--it makes no sense to me but I unfortunately don't make the rules. Much to my dismay.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning to blog

Hello everyone.  I am Beckee, a 37 (yikes!) year old mom of three, yep I said three, daughters.  For some reason I always get wide eyes and "Three Girls?!?" when I tell people, have to wonder if people with three boys get the same reaction.  My husband is Brent, I'm sure you'll hear a lot about the only man of the house he is seriously outnumbered.  Don't feel to sorry for him, he seriously can do no wrong as far as his girls are concerned.  I've always thought either I was born in the wrong era or the wrong geographic area.  I would have made a fabulous crazy Southern Woman. What can I say, I'm loud opinionated, obnoxious and I love hats! lol.

I'm new to blogging, but not new to having an opinion on just about everything, thats just my personality.  I'm a Christian, Democrat and tend to lean liberal, and I craft just about every day.  I bake all the time.  I am the "Cupcake Lady" around here in Southern Indiana.

Right now I have challenged myself to the 30 Days of Pinterest...yeah I'm addicted to Pinterest lol.  Sooo many wonderful ideas.   Please enjoy the blog and please leave comments I'm always interested in others opinions!
This is Day 1 Pinterest. 
 Its a wooden box, stolen from my daughter Hadley's room (shhh no telling!)  I put coffee grounds, scented Vanilla and Orange around tea lights...when lit the tea lights warm the coffee and WOW does it smell good.  Simple, fairly inexpensive and cute...and yes that's my hubbys video games completely disorganized under neath the table..sigh...

This is Day 2 Pinterest
This is my fake "mantel" I dont have one..and I love Mantels.  I am a GoodWill Shopper, big TIME.  So I purchased the the wreath at Good Will for $1.99, took the yucky stuff that was on it off, and found these adorable wooden decorations at a local Primitive/Antique Store, they are hooks and they have different seasonal ones, so I can change out...whoo hoo.. I bought the green rhinestone tin at Goodwill, the ceramic eggs, again Good Will and the Bunny Rabbit Totem Pole at Good Will, along with the Pink Wire Basket.  The glitter eggs are plastic eggs from the Dollar Store.        

Day Three Pinterest
On Day Three I decided to try a new housekeeping approach.  I am following this blog

 I am not a good housekeeper.  I am not, no problem admitting it.  I have gone weeks and then look up and am like oh wow theres 3 inches of dust on that shelf..whoops.  So I am using this schedule every day to keep myself on track.  This is my job...other than making sure my pre-schoolers don't end up as juvenile delinquents...I have hope for Ainsley, my almost 5 year old, but  the ship is sinking on my 3 year old Samantha lol.  She's incorrigible!

Day: 4

My Dr. Seuss Shelf.  This was a prefab-ed brown wooden shelf, picked it up from a local used furniture store for $5, took it home and with some "screw up " paint from Walmart, $4.56, painted my shelf blue.  I am doing my bedroom, which looks like a college slackers room, sadly, in blue with a few red accents.  And as I am NOT a Seuss fan, wasn't aware of it but its pretty much now becoming the Dr. Seuss Room according to the husband. 

I hate this part of my living room.  I hate hate hate it!  I put the wreaths up to see how it would look, saw it on pinterest and it looked really adorable...and yeah Im aware--not matching wreaths lol--- but $1.99 each at Good Will, I cant pass a decent wreath for that.  I hoard Wreaths lol.  But I dont like this set up, so shhh dont tell Brent but he's moving the tv this weekend..(insert evil maniacal laugh here) Hadley, age 9 going on 30, tells me when the lights are off and she's watching a movie it looks like a giant head with google eyes and a thats a non starter for the living room lol.

Day 6, this is my Pink Ribbon Wreath on our door.  Its sooo not done.  I used some pink ribbon left over from the lamp we are doing for Hadleys room and a foam wreath from...drum roll the GWill.  I tried plastic eggs, they are too big, so thinking I may remove the bows and make some flowrs from the ribbon.. We'll see.

Day 7...working on my Egg Garland made from Paint Samples from Walmart..should have seen the paint guy giving me the