Monday, April 23, 2012

Teaching Politics and saving the free World

My 10 year old, Hadley, I think is going to be a world changer.  I say that and she'll end up working at Hooters, Karma being what it is and all.  (And no offense to all the lovely women working at Hooters, just saying, your not changing the face of the nation ya know?)  She wants to help people.  Right now she is saving spare change to sponser materials needed for Plan Hope, in their I am a Girl Campaign.  If you do not know what this is, its a charity that helps women, children, girls, etc. in countries where help is needed.  You can sponsor a package for as low as $10, giving baby blankets to mothers who need them, or $15 to give a family 3 baby chicks, and the feed they need to provide for them, so they grow up have eggs, and more chicks thereby feeding and adding income to the family.  I had to go through the whole cause and effect, cause Hadley was thinking you give them 3 chickens and they EAT THEM lol. Nope not that quick Hadley lol. 

But she really thinks about things.  My other two, I'm not seeing much philanthropy in their future at this point.  They will fight to the death over a pair of pink Barbie shoes for their doll, and I mean it won't end until Ainsley actually sits on Sami and makes her give them to her.  And yes I will admit that during this I usually am watching, sometimes with video equipment...ITS FUNNY PEOPLE!! 

But back to my little world changer, she has said  she wants to be an archeologist (yeah I totally was all for that one, since I would have loved to have been one lol)  And then last week it was that she wants to be a missionary.  Again, really cool. 

Here's the issue we have around here.  I'm Liberal...and I do mean Liberal with the big "L".  And along with that of course a Democrat, hello, there is no species called a Liberal Republican, unless you count a Republican who wears khaki shorts...that's as free thinking as some of them can get...(whole group needs sticks removed from a....ahem)  back on track now. When we are discussing world issues I of course have a bent.  And I'm attempting,  ATTEMPTING, to not flavor her thought process, to let her choose her way, let her see both sides. 

Yeah me, the queen, of no your not thinking correctly, I will show you the way to the land of milk and honey where everyone agrees with me, is attempting to raise a child who can think for herself, and will choose her own politcial direction.  Now the big problem I've always had is this.  How can a Liberal, also be a Christian.  Trust me it aint easy, cause I get told I'm wrong and going to Hell about everytime I read a Religious based blog or article, because most don't believe you can compartmentalize it.

So I will just keep on trying, and we'll see how this goes. I just keep telling myself:  I'm not raising children, I'm raising adults who will someday be in charge of where I spend my last days, and where to send the nuclear bombs.  I can't make her believe what I do, all I can do is give her education and share viewpoints and explain both sides of an issue...and yes being a good parent sometimes sucks.  I would like to say will believe this because I tell you to...and then I remember that sooooo didn't work for MY MOM :)

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