Saturday, April 21, 2012

My daughters birthday parties are looming on the horizon...I'm a little nervous, noone has RSVP'd....and that scares me that the girls are going to be disappointed that they won't have very many friends or family there.  Plus its been Indiana Psycho Weather Cold here the past week and of course part of the party is being planned for OUTSIDE, as in all off the younger girls party and most of Hadley's.

Right now we've got the lights up outside already and I've got a lot of stuff for it, so if noone comes I'm going to be embarassed and hurt...and I don't even want to think about how the girls are going to feel.

I am also worried about how the house is going to look to these kids.  Hadley's at an age, 10, where the girls become evil demons.  We are by no stretch of the imagination wealthy, to be honest we live in subsidized housing.  I won't get into what exactly that means, save that for another blog :)  But I'm worried the house won't look good enough or be clean enough for these girls.

Yes I worry about the oddest things sometimes.  But I have a few projects to clear up that are taking up space, and the party will go forward and I hope that their friends and what little family we have is able to come to our home and enjoy the celebration.

Right now for the older girls we are planning a spa party, Hadley's friends will get chocolate facials, mani pedi's, , and we'll have cucumber child thinks that is the awesome part, I'm not sure why they are obsessed with the cucumbers, but we'll definitely have them.  Then we are going to do some sort of craft, still trying to figure out what, got a trip to Michael's in my future this week.  We found wine glasses we will be serving our drinks in, and white lights outside on the patio where the spa will take place.  And we have to figure out a movie, or I may just let them take over Netflix for the night lol.

Whatever happens I'm just hoping the girls all have a good day.

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