Friday, June 15, 2012

If your going to threaten better be ready to do it..

So today I was enjoying some me time...while walking around the Princeton, Indiana Walgreens...hey a girls gotta get her me time where ever she can!  So Im enjoying the quiet....QUIET mind you in a store..when my quiet contemplative yoga like moment walking through the feminine hygiene aisle (kotex on sale, just a heads up) when I hear the screeching.  The screeching of the children.  My children you ask?  No mine were locked in their cages at home..okay really they were running wild terrorizing the neighborhood while their father was supposed to be watching them..but anyway...A lady and three kids--yeah a know  a woman with three loud children, who do I think I am to be judging?  I'm actually not judging, but the screeching continued.  My yoga like moment was sooo gone.  So mom, their mom, not mine, begins this interchange:
Mom:  If you dont stop screeching I'm going to pop that mouth.
Kid:  screeching continues
they contine to walk through the yoga like contemplative moment is soooo gone and I'm wondering what was on tv at home.

Kids:  screech screeecccchhhhh
Mom:  If you dont shut up Im going to pop that mouth...

Okay so basically what we have is a kid who has mom's number.  And in a big way.  Here's an idea though. If you've threatened it four times...and interupted my Zen like enjoyment of Walgreens, pop your kid in the mouth and be done.  I know, I know, I'm not sugguesting that you start beating your kid. But if your going to threaten if FOUR times, LOUDLY and nothings happening maybe its time to do something other than threaten?  I'm not suggesting we all participate in a National Pop Your Kid in the Mouth Day at Walgreens...wonder if they'd give out free hotdogs that day?.....okay but really, if your not willing to actually do it, then why are you threatening it in the first place?

Now I will admit I have threatened my children.  I threatened to sell Sami, age 4 to Gypsies yesterday....and I even dialed 1800gypsy....admittedly it was to freak her out to get her to stop aggravating her sister but I'd like to think that IF an actual GYPSY had answered the phone I would have been willing to begin negotiations...she should be at least worth the cost of a new pair of shoes for mom...or that nice 31 bag I saw...hmmmmm......

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