Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busssyyyyy week.

We've had a busy week here at the Sheffer's.  Brents been working over at work a lot.  Ainsley started private dance lessons.  I know...seems crazy for a 5 year old but she seems to really enjoy dance, and her teacher said for her to join the dance team she needs she is taking a half hour of technique class every Monday this summer.  Her sister takes 2 hours on Tuesdays, so I'll be at different dance studios two days in a row all summer...but I love watching them dance so its worth it. 

Softball is going strong, Ainsley my middle child is in t-ball and she doesn't seem to love it as much as she does dance, at least not  yet.  Hadley's team has had a rough time this year.  I think they might be 2 for 7 so far this season.  Poor girls :) 

I'm still couponing, Lord Save me!  I just got back from Wallgreens and CVS. 

I had a HAUL today, and this isnt counting the 3 12 packs of diet dew and 4 2 liters of diet dew I got Brent...yes he has a slight Dew Addiction.  All of this--not counting the cereal, was about $40..I managed to find several make-up items, 2 crackle Sally nailpolishes and other items on 75% clearance AND I had $1 off I hit the mother lode there. I am not counting the Cereal in my out of pocket because--we receive some SNAP (aka food stamps) and I used them, and coupons that made each box $2 each.

Happy couponing each and all! Oh, and here's a lovely picuture of Miss Ainsley stylin and profilin lol.

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